Grateful is as
grateful does

Spend any time with Grateful Snacking Co. founder Beth Doody Anderson and you’ll hear about her mother, Sue Doody. The source of Beth’s love of food and cooking can be traced to Sue. To Beth, her mom was equal parts friend, mentor and inspiring hero. They spent hours together in the kitchen creating recipes and wonderful memories. What Beth is forever grateful for is that Sue taught her the importance of waking up each day with gratitude and self-acceptance. It’s the special recipe that drives Beth and Grateful Snacking Co. to this day.

Baked with Love & Gratitude®

Beth discovered that living her best life means feeding her mind, body and soul. She calls it LIVING A GRATEFUL LIFE. Grateful Snacking Co. was born out of a heartfelt desire to help people do just that -- live and be their best.

We support Grateful Living with guilt-free snacks and a community that offers timely and insightful nutritional information, healthy recipes, ideas and inspiration.

We believe we are what we eat.

Can the best version of ourselves be unlocked by a snack? We think so! Eating better makes us feel better, physically and mentally. In turn, feeling better improves our outlook on the world and every aspect of our lives. We owe it to ourselves to listen to our bodies and optimize our food choices. Every bite makes a difference.

The power of
a healthy lifestyle 

The more we learn about ketosis, the metabolic state of burning fat rather than carbohydrates, the more it resonates with us. So many people are going “keto”, “paleo” and “vegan” and feeling better: less bloating, less aches and pains, better sleep, minimal cravings and sustained energy.

Our tasty cracker and granola recipes, with nutritional profiles that are keto, paleo and vegan, make living a healthy lifestyle easier and a whole lot tastier.

Discover our baked snacks.

Everything Seasoned
Multi-Seed Crisps


Sea Salt & Sage
Multi-Seed Crisps


100% Cacao Cayenne
Granola Bites


Cinnamon Nut Crunch
Granola Bites


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