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Grain-free granola bites

Real energy comes from real food. That’s why our Grain-Free Granola Bites are baked from whole, real ingredients like pecans, walnuts and almonds as well as chia, flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. They’re filled with healthy fats, fiber and protein to help you sustain your energy throughout the day. No need to settle for basic when you can have these amazing great-tasting, energy-filled treats from Grateful Snacking Co.™.


No added sugars or preservatives

As with all snacks from Grateful Snacking Co.™, our Granola Bites are free from added preservatives and sugars so they leave you feeling satisfied and guilt free. They are grain free, high fiber, gluten free, low carb and dairy free as well as keto, paleo and vegan.


Ways to enjoy

Our Granola Bites are designed for an active lifestyle so you can crunch on the go, at the gym, or during your next outdoor adventure.  Our Granola Bites are great as a tasty topper on yogurt, ice cream, in a smoothie bowl or with your morning cup of joe. Each flavor packed bite is naturally sweet and offers a balanced nutrient profile.

Complement fruit

Dessert topping

For more information on great ways to enjoy all of our snacks, as well as tips on how to maintain and maximize a healthy lifestyle, be sure to follow our blog. We are always looking for new ideas and we would love to hear from you on ways that you enjoy or pair our snacks.  We are part of this healthy community with you, and together, we can make healthy snacking options easy to find, easy to purchase and easy (and fun) to eat!

Our grain-free granola bites

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Granola Bites


Cinnamon Nut Crunch
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