Top 10 Ways to Get Out, Get Moving and Avoid the “COVID 15”

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us. It has changed what we thought of as “normal” and we are now looking for ways to define some form of a “new normal”. We are missing human contact and many of us are struggling with anxiety and depression. In addition, the phrase “the COVID 15” is being tossed around, meaning the 15 pounds we are possibly gaining by being home all day with a full refrigerator and lack of activity!
There are plenty of ways to stay active by yourself, or with your family unit during this “stay home” and “stay safe” period of time. Here are our top 10 ways to keep moving and make sure you don’t gain the “COVID 15”! Some of these you may be familiar with, and some are retro ideas that will take you back to childhood. Share these activities with your spouse, your kids, or whoever your family unit is during this time.

1. Paddle board or kayak

Getting on the water is a relaxing way to combat stress, and you forget you are getting a workout in because it is so fun! Many places rent kayaks or canoes. You can also try out one of the latest water activity crazes; stand up paddle boarding! There are some great options for inflatable kayaks and paddle boards as well, if you don’t have a vehicle to haul a hard shell one.


2. Hike

Here in Columbus, Ohio, we have a great system of Metro Parks. Surrounding Delaware County has Preservation Parks as well. Get out in nature and explore some new paths! Go online and find out what your city or rural area has to offer.


3. Bike

In addition to our Metro Parks, Central Ohio has a great system of bike trails! Get out with the family and discover something new.


4. Trampoline with your kids

Who doesn’t love to play on a trampoline? You could just lay on it and let your kids bounce you around too! They could most likely use the chance to burn off a little extra energy.


5. Gardening

Sometimes we forget how good this task is for us! Getting our hands in the dirt, quieting the mind and spending time outside are so good for us, both mentally and physically! Not to mention, you can burn 200-400 calories while doing it!


6. Skateboard, roller skate or roller blade

Go retro and get on some wheels other than your bike. Maybe if you remember how, you can impress your kids and skate backwards!



7. Hippity Hop

Relive your childhood and get hopping! You can get these hippity hop balls in all sizes for adults and kids, and you can use them practically anywhere.


8. Hopscotch

Sidewalk chalk is super popular with kids these days. Have your kiddos draw up a hopscotch design on the driveway or sidewalk, grab a small stone for a marker and get going!


9. Skip Ball

Some of you may remember this popular toy as “footsie”. Today they are called skip ball and this is another retro toy that comes in all sizes and variations for any age group. Some even have flashing lights to add to the enjoyment!


10. Jump rope
There are not many things more classic and simpler than good old-fashioned jump rope! Whether you get a personal one or you and a couple friends get going on a rhyme of Down in the Valley or Cinderella Dressed in Yellow, you’ll be sure to relive some childhood memories and burn some calories at the same time!